Savannah River Ecology Laboratory

Undergraduate Program

catching alligators
collecting microbes
recording field data
coring trees
releasing snapping turtle
looking for rattlesnakes

SREL offers outstanding research opportunities for students, including state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, nearly 300 square miles of habitat for field research, a wide range of faculty specializations under one roof, and more than 60 years of experience in ecological research. Although SREL is operated by the University of Georgia, students from any institution are welcome.

SREL REU in Radioecology 2017 - Deadline January 31, 2017


Undergraduate students are a continuing source of pride for SREL. Since 1967, more than 600 undergraduate students from more than 275 different colleges and universities have attended SREL. More than half are admitted to graduate programs around the country, and more than 200 have become professional scientists. Most participants are upper-level (sophomore, junior, or senior) students who are considering careers in ecological and environmental disciplines. Students work alongside SREL faculty, staff, and graduate students as junior colleagues, under the direction of a primary mentor. Mentors provide students with a balance of independence and supervision that is appropriate to their development as scientists. To the greatest degree feasible, students are involved in all phases of the research, from planning and design to analysis and manuscript preparation. To date, over 170 manuscripts authored by SREL undergraduates have been published in refereed journals or symposium volumes, and many have also presented their work at scientific meetings. For more information on current opportunities, go to the SREL REU in Radioecology webpage.